Take a look at our handy jargon buster  to help explain some common plumbing and heating terminology.


TRVs are Thermostatic Radiator Valves that can be fitted in place of your existing radiator valves. Part L Building Regulations published by the Government recommend the use of TRVs as they are an energy saving product. They allow you to set individual heating levels in each of the rooms they are fitted. When the heating system is turned on, the radiator will heat up to the pre-determined level you have set. The valve will then automatically turn itself on and off to maintain the desired room temperature. TRVs can help to save energy and  reduce your gas bill as they stop your heating system wasting unnecessary heat.

Fused Spurs

A Fused Spur is an electric point with its own removable fuse and an isolation switch. Current regulations require your new boiler to have an electricity supply from a fused spur. This ensures that when an engineer carry’s out routine maintenance on your boiler, there is no danger of electrocution. The engineer is able to turn off the switch remove the fuse, and carry out the service without the danger of accidentally switching on the appliance.

If your existing boiler does not have a fused spur, then we will need to fit a new one close to the new boiler position. This will be carried out by a fully qualified and approved electrician. If required, we can carry out this procedure


We recommend a Powerflush prior to the installation of a new boiler. Over time your heating system builds up sludge and other sediment, which can drastically reduce the efficiency and performance of the boiler. A Powerflush thoroughly cleans your heating system, ensuring that your new boiler works as effectively as possible. Our engineers will add a chemical cleaner to your system, and connect a portable pump, which produces a high pressure flow of water. Each of your radiators will then be turned on and off, and the pressure is directed all over the system, ensuring that your system is cleaned as thoroughly as possible. A Powerflush will ensure your new boiler works as efficiently as possible, helping to reduce your gas bills.

See attached link for a PDF guide about water treatment.


In most cases, your new heating system will require at least a few new controls. These include: programmers, room thermostats, hot water cylinder thermostats, 2-port and 3-port valves. Motorised valves divert heat between your radiators and your hot water allowing individual control of both.  For example, in the summer you are unlikely to need your radiators on, but will still require your boiler to heat your hot water.
The specification which your home requires depends very much on the size and design of your property. Our surveyors choose controls that are designed to give you total control of your system.

Fully Pumped

If your system is gravity fed hot water to a cylinder, we will need to convert it to a ‘Fully Pumped’ system. This is a requirement of new high efficiency boilers. The advantage of this is that your new system will run far more efficiently and reduce your fuel consumption.

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