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  • One of your electricians, Daffydd, just came to our Housing Association (Caredig) property in Llangennith. We just wanted to say thank you, he was really knowledgeable, answering all our questions and was really keen to find out the issue and solve all the problems he found along the way.  He really put our minds at rest.  Thanks again.

    Mrs Simmons (Swansea) – December 2023
  • We’ve had several engineers to our home over the last few years and cannot say a bad word about one of them.  We had Alex down on the 14th of November.  He phoned us beforehand to let us know he was on his way over.  He was easy to talk to, very kind and polite (he took his shoes off out of respect which I really appreciated as it drives me mad having muddy wet footprints on the floor!).  We asked if he could check the radiators in the bedrooms and he ended up checking them in all of the rooms and making sure they were all working fine.  I would also like to mention I have spoken to Lisa several times on the phone and she has always been so helpful and understanding if we’ve had to rearrange an appointment due to work.

    Lauren – December 2023
  • I just want to express my appreciation to the engineer that attended today. He was helpful and professional throughout and went out of his way to book in a second boiler service which wasn’t scheduled at the time of his visit. Since we started using Westward all the staff and customer support staff have been first class. Would recommend any day!

    Mr Rees (Swansea) – October 2023
  • I just wanted to let you know that we have just had our boiler serviced yesterday by one of your engineers by the name of Rhys.  Firstly he was very courteous to myself and my wife and was very professional in his servicing.  Nothing was overlooked during the time whilst at our property.  We both commented after he left that you should be made aware of what a Diamond you are lucky to have and hopefully you can let him know that some customers do appreciate his diligent work and his pleasant manner.  To be honest I kept him outside his van for 5 minutes talking about his love of Rugby for which I used to play locally many years ago against his home Village.  Thank you for sending us such a delightful engineer.

    Mr Hill (Carmarthen) – September 2023
  • I just wanted to feed back to you directly about the excellent experience that I had this morning when Mike (engineer) came to carry out an annual service on my gas boiler.  He is a true credit to your organisation, exemplified by his professional, friendly manner.  He took time to explain the steps he was taking and clearly knew his field very well.  He was neat in his work, tidy and thorough.  You have a first-rate employee in Mike!

    Mr Brown (Swansea) – July 2023
  • An engineer visited my property this morning to check the water boiler.  I would just like to say that he was the nicest, well mannered and friendliest contractor you have sent.  I commend you for employing such courteous staff.

    Mr Evans (Swansea) – June 2023
  • On Monday I was attended by one of your engineers with an apprentice to replace a radiator and service the boiler. For the last few years I have had a recurring boiler problem that none of your engineers have been able to cure until now.  This engineer was diligent and used his expertise to cure the problem and now the boiler is once again working more efficiently than it has done for a long time.  Please pass on my thanks to him (and consider giving him a raise!) for returning the boiler to its past operation.

    Mr Griffiths (Ammanford) – April 2023
  • Just a quick email to express my appreciation to the engineer who came out to me a few times whilst I was having problems with my boiler.  Thanks too to the office staff too were always polite and helpful when I rang.  I am happy  to report that since the cracked flue pipe has been replaced the boiler is working normally again.

    Mrs Williams (Ammanford) – March 2023
  • Thankyou for sending Paul to check out our leaking boiler.  He was excellent, very polite and well mannered.  The boiler was repaired very quickly and we no longer have any problems.

    Miss Morgan (Swansea) – January 2023
  • I was really impressed by the way your plumbing engineer fixed my central heating boiler problem today.  He was very courteous and efficient!

    Mrs Rees (Swansea) – December 2022
  • Hi, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the lad that came out on Friday evening (2.12.22) and today (5.12.22).  I didn’t catch his name but he was very polite and kind.  Just wanted him to have some good feed back, he fixed the boiler and put a new dial on my thermostat.  Thank you.

    Mrs Rees (Neath) – December 2022
  • I want to compliment Lee on his excellent manner.  He had patience and a bonus was he was a Welsh speaker.  He was very thorough throughout the time he was at the property.  I am grateful to the company for dealing with my call so efficiently and will recommend Westward in future.

    Mr Griffiths (Ammanford) – November 2022
  • I would like congratulate you for your great customer service following an annual service check yesterday.  The engineer had to cap off our boiler.  Seeing that we had a newborn child he was very apologetic and arranged for the repair to be made the same day.  We were very happy with both engineers and the service we received.  Thank you very much.

    Mr Evans (Swansea) – November 2022
  • I would like to thank Peter for the extraordinarily good job he has just done in my property.  I have struggled for almost a year with ridiculously low water pressure in this property and no-one has yet been able to race the fault until today.  Thanks to Peter, I now have near normal pressure and what is more, the risk to my white goods becoming damaged by this fault is no longer a problem.  Peter went above and beyond the call of duty to solve this issue, for which I am most grateful.

    Mrs Hart (Carmarthen) – August 2022
  • Just wanted to say thank you.  Paul and Olly did a wonderful job yesterday sorting out my boiler.  Much appreciated.

    Mrs Hook (Swansea) – August 2022
  • Recently we had our heating system serviced.  For the first time in over 2 years we have seen a noticeable improvement.  The young man “Rhys” who did the service was professional and courteous.  Other neighbors who do not use the internet have said the same.  Previously we have had sub-contractors for many years.  If we have a choice we would always choose a Westward engineer.  Many years ago we had one of your engineers for a number of times his name was “Rob” another fine representative of your company.  Thank you for your service.

    Mr Dew (Ammanford) – July 2022
  • I have called to compliment engineer Andrew as he was a pleasure to have in the house.  I was resting in bed but my wife was there.  Andrew was helpful, well mannered and thoughtful.  A great asset to the company.

    Mr Handy (Swansea) – May 2022
  • I wish to say how pleased she I am with Harry’s work.  He was very clean and professional.

    Mrs Hughes (Ammanford) – May 2022
  • Myself and my partner, would like to thank Leah who helped us very early this morning and the engineers (Steve and Lewis) that came out very swiftly with no trouble.  The service we received was absolutely brilliant, we were put at ease and really happy we are a customer of Westward.  Very friendly, knowledgeable and hard working staff.

    Mrs Hughes (Swansea) – April 2022
  • I am calling to compliment Daniel and Harry for their excellent work this weekend.  They went above and beyond to resolve the issues and they are a credit to the company.

    Mrs Kendrick (Ammanford) – March 2022
  • Thankyou for your prompt response to my request for a boiler repair today.  I would also like to thank the two engineers who came to carry out the repair. Their friendly attitude and polite manner made it a pleasure to have them in my home.  Thankyou again.

    Mrs Thomas (Ammanford) – February 2022
  • I just wish to call and praise Harry.  I couldn’t ask for more from an engineer, he was so clean and polite and served Westward extremely well.

    Mr Johns (Swansea) – January 2022
  • Your engineer has just left my home after repairing my gas boiler.  I would like you to pass on my thanks to him, he was pleasant and very very efficient.  As a disabled person living alone I am always a bit nervous about letting people into my home but he was such a nice person who knew exactly what he was doing and repaired the boiler straight away.  I am always ready to complain when I don’t get the service I pay for, but equally I think good service should be recognised. Thank you.

    Mrs Flower (Swansea) – January 2022
  • I just want to say what a nice and efficient engineer Anthony was.  Excellent service of my boiler.

    Mrs Owens (Neath) – January 2022
  • I just want to call to say how happy I am with Kalem yesterday.  He was very polite and efficient in his work.  He did everything he could to solve the issue.

    Mr Young (Swansea) – January 2022
  • Thank you for the most prompt and courteous help and indeed speedy response (within 2 hours to sort gas heating which had not been working for a day or so) to an emergency call out for my 93 year old mothers home in Llanelli this morning.  She is now warm and comfortable again which is certainly highly appreciated in this cold snap! Well done to all… Credit where credit is due!

    Mr Harrison (Llanelli) – December 2021
  • I am phoning up to say how thankful I am of Natalie on Saturday morning.  She went above and beyond to support me and I am really thankful.

    Miss Griffiths (Ammanford) – November 2021
  • I had a repair completed yesterday replacing the thermostat.  I didn’t know how this worked.  I phoned through and spoke to Lynsey who arranged for another operative to call and explain how this works.  I wish to thank the operative for taking time to explain what to do.  He was polite and professional.

    Mr Gage (Cardiff) – November 2021
  • Westward have recently fitted a new boiler at my property.  I would like to thank the team for a very efficient service.

    Mrs Horne (Swansea) – November 2021
  • I want to thank Kevin Harris for his patience and professionalism yesterday after I fell down the stairs whilst he was servicing the boiler.  I have broken my leg in two places and suffered a broken finger.  Despite being battered and bruised from this fall, I am overwhelmed by his kindness.  It takes nothing to be kind but Kevin has gone above and beyond to ensure my safety and waited until family arrived.

    Mrs Thomas (Port Talbot) – November 2021
  • I am calling to compliment engineer Paul and his apprentice as they made me feel very safe and explained everything they were doing.  I want to thank them for being so nice when attending.

    Mrs Hopkins (Carmarthen) – November 2021
  • I am calling to compliment engineer Mike for attending last night and would also like to thank Westward for getting the engineer here when I know you are busy.  We are elderly and it was nice to be able to get through to the office quickly and the reassurance that you would be calling soon.

    Mr Evans (Swansea) – November 2021
  • The engineer’s communication and approach was very good and how he approached everything was fantastic.  He found a leak from the boiler and rang through to Wales and West as it was a leak from outside by the meter.  He then came back this morning after making the appointment to ensure works were done and checked over everything.

    Mrs Ballall (Cardiff) – August 2021
  • From start to finish, my initial meeting with Mike had made my decision to go with Westward for my new boiler.  Rob came and addressed the property and spoke with me in a language understood regarding a new boiler.  Date agreed for installation was adhered to.  The work commenced.  The engineers polite, clean in their work.  Dust sheets and respect was shown.  They knew exactly what needed to be done.  Second day, Mike came to power flush radiators and boiler.  Overall a good experience at time of completion.

    Mrs Hadley (Swansea) – July 2021
  • I want to praise your engineer Mike.  He was polite and professional during his visit and kept me informed throughout.  He managed to solve my issue of no water despite my plumber being unable to.

    Miss Vaughan (Swansea) – June 2021
  • I want to compliment Mr Webb on his brilliant work and service.  I have been at this property for 30 years and never known an engineer to be so efficient.  He left no mess and was very polite.

    Mrs Arkridge (Llanelli) – May 2021
  • Today at 12.30 PM I rang the emergency number to report a fault with my central heating. Within an hour a Westward engineer was here; had identified the fault and corrected it – to my considerable relief (I had been contemplating a further period without heating).  During my tenancy I have had many reasons to think highly of Tai Tarion. Today I received a service that could hardly have been bettered.  My grateful thanks to all concerned.

    Mr Burns (Neath) – May 2021
  • Hello there.  I had an engineer called Peter to my home yesterday and I have to say he was amazing.  My daughter is autistic and has severe learning difficulties.  Peter was brill and he acknowledged my daughter.  Amazing guy.

    Mrs Davies (Neath) – April 2021
  • I just want to thank Westward for the quick response for the radiator repair.  It was repaired in no time at all.

    Mrs Marley (Cardiff) – February 2021
  • I would like to say Peter called to our home this afternoon to service the gas boiler. What a lovely man, very COVID secure and professional yet very friendly too.  A huge thank you to Peter.

    Mrs Walton (Port Talbot) – February 2021
  • Can I just give praise to westward.  I reported my heating not working earlier.  They called out in under a hour, and the engineer fixed it in 5 minutes.

    Mr Davies (Neath) – November 2020
  • I want to let Westward know that the engineer who called was very good.  I thought my boiler was leaking but wasn’t certain.  In the end the engineer found it was a problem with my ball valve and he fixed it immediately.

    Mrs Glover (Swansea) – November 2020
  • I want to pay compliment to the engineer who carried out the replacement part on my boiler.  He was very quick and efficient in carrying out his work.  My boiler is now working correctly.

    Mrs Collins (Swansea) – November 2020
  • I want to thank Westward for the fast response in replacing my faulty room thermostat.  The engineer was very nice and very efficient.  Thank you.

    Mrs McDonald (Cardiff) – November 2020
  • Hi I’ve just had Lee come out as I had no heating or hot water.  The service I received was outstanding.  Lee was very pleasant, phoned when he was 15 minutes away and quickly resolved the problem.  Brilliant service thank you.

    Mrs Thomas (Swansea) – October 2020
  • I just want to thank you for the excellent job done by Mark when he replaced my expansion vessel.

    Mr Rees (Swansea) – August 2020
  • You did a conversion at my property Monday and Tuesday and I want to say how amazing Kyle was. He was very polite the entire time he was there and when he left we couldn’t even tell he’d done any work there as it was so clean.  Can you make sure this is passed onto his supervisors.

    Miss Breen (Swansea) – July 2020
  • Just a quick note to say thank you very much first to Stuart for all his help over the last couple of months regarding the struggles we have had regarding our shielding, and the need for a service at our home. Stuart has been great, very professional at all times.  Secondly, a huge thank you to the engineer that attended our home today and performed the service, he made us feel very safe and secure that the service was done properly, and he also adhered to social distance rules at all times etc.

    Mr Wilson (Ammanford) – July 2020
  • My radiator was away from my wall and I am calling called to say thank you very much, Mark did a great job and it looks fabulous.

    Mr Hancock (Swansea) – June 2020
  • I felt I needed to write to tell you about the wonderful care and attention I have received over the last week.  The receptionist who answers my calls couldn’t have been more reassuring and helpful.  I have dealt with her over the years and found her very caring and helpful.

    Over the last week we have needed the services of a few of your plumbers.  Every one of them has been very helpful and courteous and thankfully due to the their patience the problem has been solved.  Please could you pass on our thoughts to all those concerned.

    I am writing this on behalf of my mum who is 94 years old.

    Mrs Thomas (Swansea) – June 2020
  • Peter called to my property in Pwll yesterday for no heating and hot water.  I wants to pass on my thanks to Westward for the quick response.  Peter was polite, helpful and I was very grateful of his understanding due to my age.

    Mrs Rees (Llanelli) – April 2020
  • Andrew called out on 09.04.20 to a boiler leak, I was very happy with his work  He was very polite and I was comfortable with him being in the property.

    Mrs Brown (Llanelli) – April 2020
  • Can I just say that Kevin went above and beyond to get my heating and hot water back on last night 27/1/2020. I was in serious pain with my arthritis due to the lack of heating in the house and when he said the fan wasn’t working I had visions of going all night without the heating on and hot water bottles just don’t cut it when the pain due to cold kicks in. I don’t know what he did to fix it but i’m so grateful he did. Many many thanks for sending him to my property.

    Mrs Morgan (Neath) – January 2020
  • I want to place on record my appreciation of the repair services. We had no central heating on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. I phoned the repair number and then got through to Westward heating engineers. I phoned at 7.15am and the job was completed at 8.00am. The engineer replaced the thermostat and the timer control. What a fantastic service. As a new tenant we have had initial problems and all have been repaired promptly and with courtesy. Thank you.

    Mrs Llewellyn (Neath) – November 2019
  • I would like to give an engineer recognition for outstanding service. Andrew attended the property for a no heat call but also diagnosed an ongoing fault that I have with the shower. I’ve always had poor flow rate and I am over the moon that Andrew’s knowledge and fantastic customer service was able to remedy the fault. Andrew remained professional at all times and made an outstanding impression of Westward.

    Mr Hughes (Carmarthen) – October 2019
  • I wanted to contact you after the visit this afternoon to my home by your engineer Paul. I would like to extend my thanks to Paul for his help with the problem in the bathroom, and although it was a pretty nasty job, with lots of water etc, he was really polite and pleasant to have working in my home. He went above and beyond to fix the problem and he is an asset to your team – kind regards Tina.

    Miss Castree (Swansea) – October 2019
  • I wish to praise the work and the attitude of Jeff. He did the service there this morning and he was excellent, polite and did a great job. It was really refreshing to have someone like Jeff.

    Miss Davies (Port Talbot) – October 2019
  • I want to thank Anthony for the service he did for me today. He was very neat and tidy.

    Mr Burke (Port Talbot) – October 2019
  • I wish to praise Keith for the very efficient service he did for me today. Very good.

    Mr Roberts (Baglan) – May 2019
  • I wish to praise Paul after his visit yesterday. My elderly mother was impressed with the immense kindness Paul showed to her. He arrived promptly and was very professional throughout his visit.

    Mrs Jones (Efailwen) – September 2019
  • Everybody we speak to in Westward (especially the girls on the front line) are always lovely, warm, welcoming and bubbly. It was always a pleasure to ring us and that it makes a big difference when everybody is stressed and everyone they deal with here are always fantastic.

    Dale Maintenance – July 2019
  • Your engineer was meticulous in his work (thorough too). He took time to explain the workings of the new boiler. He left my kitchen spotlessly clean. It was a pleasure to have him in my home.

    Mrs Mosford (Swansea) – July 2019
  • I just want to say that I am very happy about the recent fire installation at my property.  The engineer did a first rate job.

    Mr Williams (Ystalyfera) – April 2019
  • I would like me to pass on compliments regarding your builder and heating team. I’m really happy and how considerate they all were while the necessary works were carried out.

    Mr Thomas (Brynamman) – March 2019
  • Please pass on the lovely feedback to the plumber that attended last night, he went above and beyond to get the hot water back I couldn’t have met a nicer guy.

    Mr Seymour (Caerphilly) – January 2019
  • Just to let you know that I have rang today to say that Corey did a fantastic job at this property.  He is very polite and you should be proud to have him at our company.

    Mr Saunders (Llanelli) – January 2019
  • Thankyou for the good job Danny did and also thankyou for keeping the arranged appointment and turning up on time.

    Mrs Turner (Cardiff) – November 2018
  • The Westward engineer has been to my home today, he was polite and very efficient.  Even though he had 4 radiator valves to replace Daniel has left the property as he found it.

    Mrs Spragg (Cardiff) – October 2018
  • Your  engineer is the best engineer I have ever had.  He was so thorough.  He was superb and so polite.  He repaired the filling key stuck in the boiler for me when other would not.

    Ms S Attard (Swansea) – August 2018
  • I would like to pass on how happy I am with the contractors who fitted the new heating system.  Matthew and Christian attended.  They were amazing and treated this property with respect and dignity.  They were so lovely and professional at all times.  They covered everything and cleaned up after completing the work, even hoovered as well.  They left the house as they found it.  They were Fabulous.

    Mrs Isaac (Skewen) – Aug 2018
  • I would just like to say a big thank you to Simon the young man who carried out the work on my shower.  He was very polite and courteous.  He carried out the work in extreme heat conditions (weather wise) without a single complaint.  He has done a tremendous job on my new shower and he cleaned up after him, there was no mess left at all.  One tidy young man.  There is one good worker in Simon and I would not hesitate to recommend this young lad at all.  Thank you for the work that you have done, kind regards.

    Miss Wright (Swansea) – July 2018
  • I just want to say how well mannered and polite your engineer Peter was.  He fixed my boiler and he explained everything to me.

    Miss Hopkins (Carmarthen) – May 2018
  • I have just called to pay for the boiler replacement and just want to comment how good a job the install team carried out.

    Mr Ball (Ammanford) – May 2018
  • I thought the engineer Matthew and his mate were better compared to others I have had in the property before.  Both were excellent when installing my new boiler.

    Ms Graham (Port Talbot) – April 2018
  • Just a note to say that Daniel, who visited today to carry out work on behalf of Welsh Water, did a tremendous job, sorting out the problem in a friendly and efficient manner, and checking all details thoroughly before leaving. A credit to the company.

    Mr Poster (Herefordshire) – April 2018
  • We would like to thank Daniel of Westward who attended our property today to carry out a repair which he did expertly and efficiently. He was extremely friendly, polite and courteous and we are very happy to recommend Daniel and Westward Services.

    Mr Saralis (Newcastle Emlyn) – April 2018
  • I Would just like to say thank you for coming out to my broken boiler within two hours when the council said you wouldn’t be with us for 24 hours and it was -4. Well done excellent service.

    Mrs Walters (Llanelli) – March 2018
  • I would like to compliment Westward on the engineer that has attended this property. Jeff was wonderful, he turned up on time, corrected the fault. He took his time and explained everything to us. We are very pleased to have such a polite and pleasant engineer. We are very happy to have such engineers working at our property.

    Mr Jones (Cardiff) – March 2018
  • I wish to compliment the Westward Engineer and contact centre staff who assisted me with a heating issue. All issues have been resolved quickly and efficiently for me and I wish to pass on thanks.

    Mr Thomas (Swansea) – January 2018
  • I would like to record my appreciation for the person from Westward who came out on Xmas day and the one who came out on the 27th December for their kindness and courtesy to me in my distress.

    Miss Worner (Swansea) – December 2017
  • I just phoned to say thank you very much for everything and that both Peter and Mike were very helpful and Peter explained everything he was doing today. I live on my own and always wary of men calling but would be happy to have both back to work in my home.

    Mrs Prosser (Llanelli) – December 2017
  • I hope you don’t mind me contacting you directly but I wanted to pass on some very positive feedback about one of your employees. After having a plumbing nightmare and flooded house we experienced some of the worst customer service you could imagine, from the original plumbing contractors to the insurance customer service and a few others in-between. It was only when Dan arrived that my wife and I actually had our faith restored. He was absolutely brilliant – not only sorting the problem but following up via text and ensuring everything was okay. Even after his job was finished he still kept in touch to see if we had got everything sorted. He is a credit to your company and both my wife and I would be more than happy to recommend Dan and the services of Westward in the future.

    Mr Whitehurst (Cardiff) – December 2017
  • I am phoning up to thank your engineer for work carried out and also his polite manner.

    Mr Rees (Swansea) – November 2017
  • Carmarthenshire County Council thanked Westward for engineer Peter’s excellent work and problem solving enabling the recommissioning of 2 domestic heating systems that were not as straightforward as first thought.

    Carmarthenshire Council (Pontyberam) – October 2017
  • Westward were asked to attend to my 90 year old mother’s boiler fault this week. The boiler was beyond repair and we were quoted to replace it the following day.  The boiler was fitted the next day and we are delighted at how quick the response was.

    Mrs James (Swansea) – October 2017
  • I want to pass on my compliments regarding a visit on the 20/9/17 for a water leak. Corey attended and resolved the issue professionally and quickly.

    Mrs Crag (Carmarthen) – September 2017
  • Daniel is amazing, he has done a fantastic job.  He’s an ambassador to the company and his customer service was outstanding.

    Miss Chadwick (Cardiff) – September 2017
  • Corey has called here this morning to fit TRVs to radiators.  Corey was absolutely marvellous, such a polite man, he’s a great young lad and very patient as there were many air locks.

    Mrs Hinton (Swansea) – August 2017
  • Mike serviced my heating today plus 2 fires and I have to say he was wonderful, absolutely great, a gentleman, very clean and put everything back the way it was. He was 1st class and I am very grateful that every year Westward sends a reliable 1st class engineer.

    Mr Morgan (Llanelli) – May 2017
  • I am very happy with the engineer Andrew who called. He was very kind and gentle. He worked really well and repaired the job straight away. I am over the moon with Andrew as a whole. I would be more than happy to have Andrew return to my property if i have any future problems.

    Mrs Davies (Carmarthen) – February 2017
  • Had one of your heating engineers round at my flat from December January to fix the radiators. Just had to say Daniel was one of the most helpful and kind people to come to the flat to work. Nothing was too much trouble for him and even when I messed up the controls he came back to show me again how to work the radiator, He is a credit to your company.

    Mrs Sandbrook (Cardiff) – January 2017
  • I want to compliment the Westward engineer “Andrew” who attended the job today. I am a nervous person but he was so nice and lovely and put me at ease. I want to pass on thanks for your swift and friendly response.

    Mrs Grey (Neath) – January 2017
  • I would just like to say thankyou to your engineer who came out today to carry out safety check at my property. Not only was he polite freidly and professional but he helped me with a problem. He is a credit to your company. I just wanted you to know his kindness was appeciated as was his professionalism.

    Mrs Delaney (Cardiff) – January 2017
  • Your engineer was brilliant and explained everything to us. We are pleased at how quick he returned after a call out of hours.

    Mr Green (Pontardawe) – January 2017
  • I want to thank Westward for the excellent service received with Alex and Andrew in the past and for Andrew quickly rectifying the problem with my oil gauge last night.

    Mrs Williams (Cross Hands) – December 2016
  • I would like to thank Dan and Sean for attending, they were very helpful and patient. I an overwhelmed with their work, I was highly impressed with their great customer service skills.

    Mrs James (Skewen) – November 2016
  • The engineer came today to service my boiler. He was extremely polite and helpful, absolutely fabulous.

    Mrs Gladwyn (Neath) – November 2016
  • What a lovely man Colin is. He’s been to my home today, he was very polite, very efficient, has left the area spotless, he took the fire out and you can’t even see where he has been. Very clean. He’s a credit to your organisation.

    Mrs Jones (Llanybydder) – October 2016
  • I am phoning to offer my praise for your engineer Andrew who has just been to service my boiler. He was brilliant and really efficient in the way he carried out his work. I had a problem with last year’s service which was done by another company and didn’t receive my copy of the boiler service. l was so impressed by your service and the smooth process from start to finish.

    Mrs Phillips (Neath) – August 2016
  • As per our quality procedure we contacted Mr Prichard to arrange a quality visit. Mr Prichard stated that he has never seen such a clean working and polite staff and was very impressed by the perfectionist approach of Westward from the boiler annual servicing to the fitting of a fireside suite. He went on to say he was overwhelmed with the high standard of work that we have carried out.

    Mr Pritchard (Swansea) – June 2016
  • Thank you for the fire suite install that the engineer has done. It was a first rate job. The engineer was very good and very clean.

    Mr Jones (Swansea) – May 2016
  • I want to pass on a compliment to you especially Steve who came to sort out the heating issue. Julie from admin was very impressed with Steve and his professional manner and more importatly how he rectified the issue / fault.

    Mr Upton (Swansea) – February 2016
  • I was ill at home and thanks for the speed at replacing the faulty part for the gas boiler in such wintry weather conditions.

    Mrs Hayward (Swansea) – January 2016
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