Solar thermal hot water systems have been around for some time now. Westward Energy has over 15 years experiencing servicing these systems.

They are now a tried and tested technology, but to get the best out of your solar thermal system there are some key points to remember.

Importance of regular servicing

Just like your car or any other mechanical equipment, servicing on a regular basis is essential. There are components within a system such as moving parts and valves that must be kept in optimum working order. With regular maintenance, your solar thermal system will be safe, efficient, running costs will be kept to a minimum and generate the maximum amount of renewable heat.  A well-serviced and maintained system will also have a longer life-span. We would therefore recommend that you get your solar thermal system servicing at least once a year.

Servicing costs

The cost of a service will depend on number of factors and be influenced by when the system was last serviced and whether or not any major maintenance is required. Annual servicing is on average £75.00 including VAT.

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What does a service include?

During a standard solar thermal servicing our engineers work through a checklist to ensure that the system is performing correctly. It includes nine checks on the solar circuit and a variety of other electrical checks, checks on the pipe-work and insulation, examinations of the controller’s parameters, wiring and functionality and analysis of the cylinder’s position, controls and potential leaks.

Replacing solar thermal system fluid

One of the most important aspects of your solar thermal system is the heat transfer fluid.  You will need to replace the fluid every 5 to 7 years to ensure that the pH and antifreeze-protection levels are correct.

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